Hi!  I'm Sophia...an aspiring actress, singer, fashionista, conceptual creative & awesome storyteller!  I am hosting this website as my online portfolio to showcase some of my talents and hobbies for high school applications.

I have a passion for many things.  Like, the environment, politics, music, animals, creative writing, computers, Y2K fashion and art.

I possess the will and drive to succeed at anything I put my mind towards.  And tend to accomplish what I start with great results.  I am most motivated to learn and excel in performing arts!  Specifically, singing and dancing with an emphasis on acting.

I am always learning new things, both self-taught and knowledge from school.  I write very well and have a strong vocabulary.  Words are powerful!  I am fluent in English and spoken French.

I won the spelling bee at my grammar school multiple times, and have been in honors classes.

Some of my life skills are: light office skills, computer savvy, cooking, social networking, typing, research skills with a technical aptitude, highly creative and artistic with a unique point of view with fashion and design sense, academically-oriented and solution-focused...MOST of the time!